Belt dryer modDry

The container belt dryer CBT modDry:

All in One – One for All!

The CBT modDry is an innovative container belt dryer that offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability thanks to its modular construction system. Whether you need a simple solution for entry-level use or a complex, exclusive system for professional applications, the CBT modDry is the perfect choice for any requirement. This belt dryer is ideal for companies of any size and can be flexibly used in various industries such as recycling, wood products, feed and fertilizers, forestry, and food.

Modular construction system for
individual customization

The CBT modDry belt dryer can be individually customized to meet your specific requirements. Choose from various modules and configure your drying system according to your needs.

High flexibility for diverse

Thanks to its diverse materials and surfaces (galvanized steel, stainless steel), customizable drying belts, and loading options, the modDry is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Sustainability through innovative

The heat recovery (recuperation) technology makes the modDry environmentally friendly and resource-efficient by minimizing energy consumption to a minimum.

Easy assembly for quick

The CBT modDry can be delivered either as a pre-assembled unit or in modular elements, facilitating quick and easy installation on-site.

Overview of technical advantages

CBT modDry: Flexible. Modular. Future-proof.

Modularity for customized configuration

The modular design of the CBT modDry belt dryer allows for a customized configuration of your drying system. The modular system allows you to customize the plant according to your needs, with delivery either as a pre-assembled unit or in modular elements, ensuring easy and quick assembly on-site.

Customizable belt dryer models for specific requirements

The belt dryer models of modDry are available in various widths to accommodate your specific product requirements. You can choose from various materials and surfaces such as galvanized steel or stainless steel to find the ideal dryer for your needs. With customizable drying belts and options for exhaust and recirculation operation, as well as variable airflow direction, the CBT modDry ensures maximum efficiency and optimal drying results.

Flexible loading options and customizable heat sources

The various loading options such as double screw distributor, distribution conveyor belt, and die enable flexible and demand-oriented feeding of the drying system. Moreover, the modDry can be operated with various heat sources, making it adaptable to different production conditions.

From beginner to professional: The modDry
A belt dryer that grows with you

With the CBT modDry belt dryer, you get a customized drying system that leaves nothing to be desired. Choose exactly the modules that meet your needs and benefit from a perfectly tailored solution.

The right drying belt for every product

Depending on size, flow characteristics, and residence time requirements, the product may need a belt with specific dimensions and surface structure. This allows for consistent roasting and consistently high taste quality.










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