Heating, washing, servicing:

The quality of the fittings defines the highest standards

Every Hans Binder drying system is designed for long-term use under high load. Once it’s there, it should run for a long time. For that reason we place great emphasis on configuring your belt dryer so that not only does it fit perfectly into your production workshop, but also your product and the requirements associated with it. We think it’s only logical therefore that not only the system but also the fitting of every individual module is customized to your requirements.

Variable heating

The innovative TARGETED ZONE HEATING® (TZH®) system from Hans Binder engineering makes it possible to have a variable temperature setting for every area. For example, the drying air is heated using a gas burner. Various energy sources can be used to generate warm air for the drying system. A supply and exhaust air unit ensures perfect air circulation, an air recycling device provides ideal saturation of the drying air. Of course we also supply other heating systems as an alternative.

Wash thoroughly

The belt-washing fitting cleans the drying belt with cold or warm water under high pressure. With oscillating movements the spray heads reach every part of the belt and its entire breadth. The belt cleaning device will be manufactured using material of at least 1.4301 grade – with higher quality materials if required. In every case it meets the standards for the foodstuffs sector.

Check easily

Stainless steel doors make the dryer’s internal chamber accessible for inspection and maintenance throughout the entire system. Externally, the doors create a pressure-tight seal with every room; internally, they are insulated with water-tight mineral wool. You decide where the doors are positioned – and the logic of the entire system.


Individual solutions for many industries


Chemical products

Animal feed


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