Single-belt dryer

Reliable, efficient, long-lasting:

A Hans Binder system is an investment in the future

Single-belt dryers from Hans Binder engineering are modular systems optimally tuned to the product requirements. The division into individual drying chambers makes it possible to have perfect adjustment and control of the drying process. Decades of experience and constant development guarantee that every module works extremely efficiently and represents the state-of-the-art in technology. The best argument for a Hans Binder system without any doubt: a perfectly dried good in exactly the quantity and quality promised.


  • Every zone individually heatable
  • Maximum energy saving
  • Ideal airflow
  • Optimal product protection
  • Suitable for various types of heating
  • Precise system control

Innovative technology behind stainless steel

Perfectly designed

The drying system consists of many individual drying chambers. The number of chambers and their width is defined by the individual dwell time of the drying product.

Perfectly tempered

Every cell of the dryer is heated with the Target-Zone-Heating System® (TZH®) from Hans Binder engineering and monitored with measurement technology. This guarantees that every product leaves the drying process at exactly the right point with the characteristics desired.

Perfectly circulated

Depending on which product is to be dried in which way, flowing through the conveyor belt from top to bottom may be recommended or the other way round. Hans Binder engineering has an appropriate solution for both variants (TZH TB type/TZH BT type).

Perfectly transported

The right conveyor belt for every product: The drying products run through the system according to their size, flow properties and dwell time on a belt with a special size and surface structure. This enables optimal dehydration and product-protecting water evaporation.

The right drying belt for every product









Drying perfected. With custom solutions that are right for each product.

What makes a Hans Binder system so much better:

Every system consists of several individual solutions that have proven themselves in practice and are constantly developed further. So the greatest benefit is in the detail, as every overall design is only as good as its components. And with Hans Binder engineering, you are always at the cutting edge of technology. And that offers twin benefits: in operating costs and carbon footprint.


Individual solutions for many industries


Chemical products

Animal feed

Other unbeatable advantages:

Individual control

In the drying chamber, detailed measurement data for hot supply air and exhaust temperature, flow speed, exhaust air humidity is recorded, centrally processed and fully automatically regulated. This means different drying products can run alternately through the system.

Regulated running speed

Every module supplies its own measurement data, based on which the belt speed is regulated automatically. This guarantees optimal results – and products that come off the belt in exactly the right drying state.

Variable energy supply

Thanks to its special design, the TZH® heating system can be heated with any energy source. Whether biomass, steam, solar, electrical power or fossil fuels: Our heating works with all of them.

Low dust emissions

Dust absorbers prevent dust from drying products reaching the atmosphere or the production hall in an uncontrolled way. That’s good for employees and the environment.


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